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Bobbys Cabin Author Rick IncorviaRick, Jamie and Bobby were the best of buds. Now well into middle age, they enjoy frequent getaways into the mountains, leaving wives and responsibilities back home. A typical weekend at Bobby’s cabin might include long days of cutting and hauling firewood, landscaping or carpentry but always concluded with a big meal, target shooting, and a sunset viewed from the hot tub. Evenings were filled with poker, plenty of drinking and boisterous fun. However, recent break-ins during the many weeks the cabin was left unattended had Bobby angry, frustrated and on high alert. He suspected a sketchy character with a mangled hand who lived just a few miles through the woods. Despite the local cops’ warnings not to do anything stupid, Bobby had his own ideas about how to police his 50-acre slice of heaven. When an unintentional murder turns into a cover-up, the escalating pressure unmasks psychotic paranoia, and best friends battle over loyalties and right versus wrong. Suddenly, it’s every man for himself.



Gwin Apollo is a humanitarian at heart—a selfless giver who relishes in practicing random acts of kindness. She also has a penchant for justice and an unwavering vendetta against cheating men, leading her down a sinister path. Due to her Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Gwin is prone to uncontrollable periods of rage that are often directed at these cheaters and abusive assailants. Gwin’s husband, Eddie Apollo, knows Gwin has gone too far when she admits to murder. He loves her but knows she needs to turn herself in. Reluctantly, she acquiesces and makes a phone call to the police with her confession. That’s when things get dicey.




Imagine for a moment that you could be sent back in time to witness the life of any historical figure. The Traveler’s Best Seller is a fiction novel about a humble school teacher who gets just that opportunity. Having already suffered great loss, and now facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, he embraces a bizarre “travel” opportunity offered by an unorthodox trio who seem unusually interested in fulfilling his dying wishes. It begins as a very human struggle with his fate, and plunges the reader deeper into an odyssey of heart and soul as he surrenders to the adventures, eagerly returning to his classroom to share his newfound knowledge with his increasingly engaged students.  This book is a reminder to live your life without fear or the limitations and insecurities brought on by worrying about what others think. It will change how you feel about dying and dreaming, about your purpose, and about love and living in the here and now. This is a must read for teachers, students, and anyone facing mortality issues through cancer or the untimely loss of a loved one.



Adam, a successful young real estate investor, spends nearly two months in a coma after surviving a motorcycle accident. During his deep state of unconsciousness, Adam dreams up a whole new life – new friends, new clients, a hot new girlfriend. Adam does not wake just because it’s morning. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for his sister Julie waking him daily, he wouldn’t wake up at all.





In this frolicking, adult “Alice in Wonderland” adventure, Robert attempts to communicate with his grieving wife from the afterlife. He stumbles upon the ability to enter the body of Murphy, their 8-year-old family boxer. The experience is overwhelming, but the challenge to communicate with Maria proves to be more difficult than expected. When he learns that he can change into almost anything, he is torn between his transformational experience, and being a loyal guardian to his wife.





When Hoyt, a brilliant biochemist goes missing, his wife suspects foul play. However, their recent history of domestic quarrels leaves the police less than convinced that he didn’t just abandon her. Criminals team up to try and steal Hoyt’s astronomical discovery before the patents come through. Tim, Hoyt’s best friend, joins forces with Hoyt’s wife in an all-out war to find and free Hoyt before his discovery is sold to the highest bidder.





Rick Timber is a reckless young man, but you had to admire his ambition. He was a small-time con-artist living in either high-end hotels or out of his car. He was a loner. Who needs friends when you have split personalities to keep you company? One of Rick’s alter egos, Tim Bricker, was fearless. He had an eye for curvy women and nerves of steel when it came to the short con.





As one of nine children growing up in the 70’s, Rick was surrounded by a cast of characters where controlled chaos was the status quo. He felt that if he didn’t create his own identity, he would get lost in the crowd. Admittedly, he was a bit of a troublemaker and sometimes liked being lost in the crowd, or at least unaccounted for. If he wasn’t scheming a plot to prank a sibling, he was imagining himself as 007 or an Ocean’s Eleven participant. His brothers and sisters say his favorite line is …”just imagine.”


Rick is a born storyteller. Book number five, The Traveler’s Best Seller, reflects his boundless creativity as he introduces historical characters in real-life situations. He takes you on exciting adventures in dreamlike fantasies with intoxicating detail. Rick’s ability to “keep it real” and yet take readers to the edge, has thrilled his cult following.



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