Here’s what people are saying after experiencing Rick Incorvia.

“Three years ago, my stars must have been in alignment when I picked then-most-recent novel, The Traveler’s Best Seller by Rick Incorvia to review. It had a profound impact on me, so much so, that I had no choice but to translate it into Arabic. The journey of translating this author’s books also included the enthralling young adults’ novel “When I’m Gone.” What makes Rick’s books appeal to a myriad range of readers is the fact that he’s one of the very few multi-genre authors out there; someone whose valiant efforts and thorough research make the read seem so seamless despite the tremendous work put into it. He also possesses a smooth and heartfelt writing style, as well as a vivid imagination, things that are bound to pull one into the story right away and keep him/her as a loyal reader for life.” Dr. Ruba Abu Ali- Reviewer for the OnlineBookClub

“I have known Rick for almost 30 years. Originally as a friendly neighbor, and now as a good friend. It thrills me to see him at speaking engagements spreading his passion and compassion for aspiring authors.” J. Balausky

“I have interviewed Rick Incorvia several times on my radio show and he has been a guest on my podcast. He is always delightful. Some people can write a great book but are terrible at speaking or interviews. Rick is great at both. In his books and when he speaks, Rick encourages the reader and audience to think about his or her life. He is able to connect with both young and old.  He continually inspires me and always leaves me smiling.” Linda Burhans- Author, Speaker, Talk Show Host

“Hi Rick, we thoroughly enjoyed your talk at the Imagine Museum. Since I have read and enjoyed all of your books, I was interested in how you came up with your ideas and the whole writing process.  You were not only Informative, but very entertaining. We look forward to your next book and maybe we’ll get to see you speak again.” Ginny and Ron Cohen

“I recently attended a performance seminar that included a discussion by Rick Incorvia.  I have actually read 2 of his books, and enjoyed them thoroughly. But seeing and hearing Rick in person, left me with a new understanding of the man behind the books.  He talks about his books (or his wife, or his life) in a wonderful, unfiltered way.  He sees things, especially PEOPLE, in a deep and nuanced way.  In today’s event he probably got 2-dozen questions from the audience.  The questions were from different kinds of people and spanned a variety of areas.  He answered each one in a personal fashion that left me either learning something deep about him or . . . . myself.  He has a very deep appreciation for how different people see the world, and how that has them act in the world.  I have noticed the same thing in his books — his characters span a wide range of personalities, and interact in unique ways with each other that call into question the ways that I think.  Many times, the dialogue is so fresh and intriguing that I forget that the people are not actually in the room with me.” Chris Peterson

“Rick has written 7 novels in multiple genres including Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Historical fiction, and Fantasy. Several of his books have been translated into Arabic and are used in classrooms on the other side of the globe. He has been a guest speaker at the famed National Library in Amman Jordan and locally at the Imagination Museum in St Petersburg Florida, featured as one of the Ten x Ten inspirational speakers. Rick has been a guest speaker at the world’s leading Networking Organization, BNI, annually since 2012. He encourages aspiring authors to take a book from concept to completion. He inspires these newer writers to pour their heart into their book. He jokes that he is a legend in his own mind, but his message is that you have to believe in yourself before others will.  I couldn’t agree more.  As a writer and manifester of dreams, I have had the pleasure of being inspired by his dreams and mentored by his processes and most of all, the joy of calling him ‘friend’ and ‘fellow writer of stories’.” Marleta Black- MarletaBlackCoaching.com

“Rick Incorvia and I have been to many presentations together over the years.  His calmness and sense of humor always makes it easy and an enjoyable experience. Rick quietly and discreetly commands the pace of the meeting, and reads clients to make sure they are comfortable and understand. I have seen Rick diffuse confusion and anger with wit and stories related to the moment. He can capture an idea and translate a concept in concise and clear explanation that makes it interesting for the clients. His interpersonal skills make him a pro in the human experience of persuasion.” Bill McHugh

“The Traveler’s Best Seller was my first “Incorvia” read,I don’t know what I expected, but man, was I pleased. Once I learned the character, it was a roller coaster ride of great adventure in American History, on top of current life. And the ending was not expected. What a great read!  Then I moved on to Reckless Ambition…   Again, another character, who is quite the character….”scammer?” Thief, multi-personality nuttyness, Yes, no conscience….Great read. The Wrong Side of the Glass had me on edge, this character is too real. She’s cunning, calculated, and scarry…. I’m halfway through author Rick Incorvias written library, and now I see a new one, Bobby’s Cabin is coming….. I can wait! I am a fan and a follower!” Joe Pearson

“Our women’s group invited Rick to a luncheon to discuss his latest book at the time “The Travelers Best Seller.”  He was a big hit answering question after question about his books and his processes.” Sandy Roberts