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How to REALLY Start Writing a Book (Hint: You Don’t Have to Start at the Beginning!)

So, you have an idea for a book. You’ve heard yourself say it a dozen times, “I have an idea for a book” soon to follow is the word “someday”

It’s the opposite of smoking. Instead of stopping “cold turkey” you have to start “cold turkey”

You don’t even need to start at the beginning. Start at your favorite place. “The train was now up to 80 mph and passengers could be seen praying. A woman rocked her sleeping infant, you could see in her eyes that she had already accepted death. The curve ahead was closing fast and there wasn’t even a remote chance that the train would stay on the rails.”

Boom … now you’ve started your book. If anything, this paragraph entitled you to a new set of words. “I am writing a book!” Say it out loud, you’ll like the way it sounds. Now, you have to carve out time slots. Some can do it a half hour at a time. Others have a half hour ritual just to get in the mood. The right music, a pot of coffee, a rain storm, a park bench. I find that I have to give myself at least two hours or I spend most of my writing time just reading what I wrote the last time to try to capture the mood, the feeling… recreate the mental atmosphere. Just make the time and tell your story. When your done writing for the day, don’t read what you wrote … let it set until next time. It will make you excited to return to your author chair.

Finally, repeat your name with the word author in front of it. If you like the way it sounds, dream on, and join me as I share tips and tricks to get you from starting your book, all the way to “the end” and on to the exciting steps that follow.

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